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Edward and Jacob are re-imagined as nerds on a sitcom. The Vampire Diaries then showed Hilly Hindis ability to transform into two characters (both played by Nina Dobrev).

They have best parodies out there too. Many parodies have been made of the, twilight series as it has risen in popularity. Leah is kidnapped by the Vulturee and trys to escape with a Child of the Moon.

As her plans for fame become more elaborate, she graciously allows Teddy to give her a blinging engagement ring and the society wedding of the season, with as much coverage and corporate sponsorship as possible. I love their parodies. I met them a few times at comic-con but thats about. Contents, almost, night is a novella by, jacob, wallace that parodies, twilight, and, to a lesser extent, Buffy the.

While the sisters raise money (since theyre not owned by a company, they raise money through their subscribers through a Patreon account) for their second Supernatural parody, heres a look at their past ones. While its the weakest of all the parodies, The Runaways Parody is still better than the majority of other videos put on.

The protagonist Davis Pell (Rahart Adams) moves from Australia to a small American town called "Forksley" (parody to Forks and immediately catches the eye of popular girl Caitlin Crisp (Tiera Skovbye). Pepe states that it is almost twilight and therefore time for "breaking prawn." 2 Nightlight is a Twilight parody that was written by The Harvard Lampoon.

Get, core, display, mature, content, add to, favourites. In a trailer for the 2011 movie The Muppets, the Breaking Dawn movie adaptation is spoofed with Pepe the King Prawn standing in front of a window featuring a full moon. These two have nothing to be ashamed of and should be proud of trying something completely different, especially off the back of the first three Twilight movies. Hilly and Hannah Hindis most popular parody is of Supernatural, so its no surprise that the two are going back into the world of the fandom.

However, arguably it was the Twilight parody that put them on the map. Eclipse was parodied with the songs "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks, and "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.

It features original songs and score. When she moves to Spatula to attend the Spatula Academy of Fictional Excellence, she expects t then she meets Teddy Kelledy.

"Twilight: Staking Dawn" edit edit source "Twilight: Staking Dawn" is a parody of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and is a crossover on the film and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once she arrives at her new home with her dad, she runs upstairs and slams her door and screams.

He competes with Ed Skullin and the Vampire Hunter Hope. Still desperate for fame, Heffa considers entering Undead's Got Talent, judged in part by the fearsome Vindicti; the only problem is, she's not a member of the undeadyet. The Hillywood Show's parodies have been liked by many, including Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first Twilight film. In this parody, Heffa Lump is still living at home in Spatula, having graduated from the Spatula Academy of Fictional Excellence, and is looking forward to a life of notoriety as the girlfriend of the fabulously wealthy vampire Teddy Kelledy.

She does this because she misses home and claims that her dad cannot hear her because he is getting too old. 2021 DeviantArt All Rights reserved. Bonus: Forever grateful for Hillywood for giving us at least some answer to how Number Five would have danced in that group montage.