What is halal certificate

There are several institutions and organizations around the word providing Halal Certification Services. Countries and measures the competence and compliance of the relevant organizations within the requirements of this standard. Therefore, halal food certification has emerged as a result of the efforts of Muslims to protect their religious identity and to provide religiously halal foods and avoid haram foods. Home, trade, documents, halal, certificate, back to: Trade, documents.

Requirements Each certifying organization has its own procedures and requirements. What IS halal certification? It is forbidden to extend the use of the MdC assigned by HIA in addition to any reference to Halal conformity starting from the expiry date of the certification or, possibly, following the revocation of the authorization to use the certification).

These are; Quality features required by Islamic standards for halal products should be compatible with consumer needs and preferences. Thanks to the halal food certificate, which is the result of the halal certification process, it becomes much easier to recognize and promote the product and the manufacturer in Global Islam.

The certificate and logo are an important way to inform and convince the consumers that the products are halal. Consumer Confidence: Certification provides consumers with the opportunity to make a conscious choice in line with their preferences.

Consumers are advised to research their food sources carefully to determine the validity of any halal certificate. Quality: The certificate indicates that not only the halal law requirements of the halal food food product are applied, also that the food safety and hygiene practices are strictly applied in the production of the product/service. For this purpose, as a result of the research conducted on 796 customers, it has been revealed that 87 of each consumer takes this condition into consideration. Thus the certificate is only as reliable as the certifying organization.

According to Islam, the term halal is used for those that are permissible and haram for those that are forbidden. This guide is also helpful to trade associations, chambers of commerce, consultants, professors and students of internacional trade.

Halal certification is a voluntary process by which a credible, islamic organization certifies that a company's products can be lawfully consumed by, muslims. Meat products (non-pork) have been slaughtered under Islamic zabiha guidelines. Products that are halal certified are often marked with a halal symbol, or simply the letter M (as the letter K is used to identify kosher products). Different strategies should be developed for different demands of consumers in the halal food market.