Wow building the garrison

Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge Level 1: Allows the collection of ogre waystones from Ogres on Draenor. Up to 10 of your pets can now hang out in your garrison.

Gear ilvls are 630 (3k-5k apexis 645 (630 item AND 9k-11.5k apexis 655 (645 item AND.5k-20k apexis) -Toys, Pets, Mounts and Followers from Draenor factions (require reputaion AND goldapexis) -Can be used to complete one. What benefits does a Garrison provide: - access to a mine and herb garden that will spawn random Draenor minerals / herbs each day for you to harvest (no profession required to gather them ) - access. It allows you to collect Timber from trees that you come across as you level.

Level 3: Allows you to mark large trees for even more Timber. During the quest line, you will learn how to make ships and send them on missions. A terrified townsfolk runs out of safety.

Grants access to the Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament. Gem Boutique - because gems will always be needed to fill those sockets. Turn GR into materials at the Trading Post. Level 3: Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners.

This will then lead you into a quest chain once you arrive. Work Order: 10 Timber for 30 Garrison Resources. Garn Steelmaw Giant Coldsnout Smoky Direwolf Shadowhide Pearltusk See/Add Comments download guide Get e-book version of this Guide: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App free IOS APP Game Guides Walkthroughs Free Mobile App for you.

Increases success chance of the mission based on its duration or number of followers. This quest will build your outpost in Spires of Arak, at lvl.

It provides you with everything a standard quest hub would provide (except quests) and much much more. Trading post will help you offload unneeded trade goods for garrison resources.

Active: You get the spell Champion's Honor. Crews Each ship receives a random crew when you complete it, from amongst those listed below in descending order of usefulness.

It will include the first 2 levels of your Garrison. Warcraft: Warlords of, draenor, game, guide by m, world.

Full list Level 3: Allows production of Draenor flasks. Work Order: Depending on the beast, it yields the following (do note that the Savage Blood has a chance to drop and is not guaranteed like the rest of the items -1 Furry Caged Beast for 15 Sumptuous. They are marked with a green arrow over their head and you run up to them to move them away.

These can be either solo (800 apexis) or group (1000 apexis). 6.3 Navel Missions Naval Missions are exclusive to the Shipyard. You will be able to start the quest The Might of the Warsong in your garrison. Allows creation of leather and mail armor and cloaks.