What is a other word for small

Computers are found everywhere and used in every sphere of life. But now they are almost in every family and in every office building.

A, tV set, dVD player). Microbe : micro be (mie krobe).

Micrometer : micro meter (mie krom et er). This helps them to study effectively.

Moreover, the equipment is soon out of date. Microcosm : micro cosm (mie kro koz um). Micromelia : micro melia (mie kro mee li a). Instrument to intensify slight sounds.

Any agent which destroys microbes. A delusion that ones body has become very small. Then, there are programs which need more resources than computer actually has.23 Thirdly, computers become more and more complicated, and much effort is required to learn how to work with them.

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And on top of all, computer is a multifunctional device, as we already know, so it can be used both to do work and to entertain oneself. Share your work to chat, comment, and collaborate with others, wherever they are. Most machines do only one job, some are multifunctional (e.g. Microbicide : micro bicide (mie kroe bi side).

Such program is used in shops, libraries, hospitals, accountant offices, and. Micrograph : micro graph (mie kro graf).

Having an abnormally small head. Save to, oneDrive, to get your documents from your computer, tablet, or phone. Microcosmography: micro cosmography(mie kro koz mog ra fi). Computer is used at educational institutions: students watch films, presentations and web pages.

The first computers of the 1940s were enormous. A minute organism; a germ.

Microlith : micro lith (mie kro lith). A condition where the extremities are abnormally undeveloped. Relating to the study of microscopic motions. In a plant one can make a computer model of a car or plane and check its resistance to stress.

Microscope : micro scope (mie kro skope). An instrument for recording small and rapid changes. But no device is as multifunctional as computer.