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As we get older, many of us have the luxury of choice for the first time. When you don t have so many things and people clamoring for your attention on a One of the truly great things about getting old is that you can, in ways subtle and grand, thumb your nose at convention with fewer consequences than. In particular, old age doesn t seem to help people get an intuitive knack for grasping how others think and behave, researchers claim.

As part of the study, the team of scientists found that older people did no better than younger people at understanding the nuances of Share or comment on this article. Below the post on right hand side there is an option to select comments by the following, Most relevant New All comments and Realtime comments. But, really, getting older is pretty damn awesome.

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You re getting old! Do you think time is catching up with you?

I was thinking of this as I was typing the original comment. It s kind of like the old paraodox of how, if you say you re cool, then you re not.

A part of getting older is lower your standards to where an escalator is hot. Load more comments (2 replies).

BenderDeLorean 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (13 children). Part of getting older?

You get more relaxed about getting older. When I was younger, I thought I d have everything figured out by the time I was. Now I know that s not true; but I do expect that I ll figure more things out each passing day. I also know and fully believe that getting older can be great when you take care.

Getting, older and Keeping Your Spirit Young. Each and every one of us must seriously address the reality of getting older at some point. Whether we re getting all philosophical about it or simply think about physical changes, this concern might actually turn into a phobia. Getting older is something that happens to us all, if we live long enough.

Because we live in a youth-based culture, it might be hard to face getting older. If you re struggling to deal with getting older, it will help to develop a more.

As we get older, our priorities can shift away from the mundane or trivial worries of youth, and instead we focus on valuing our time - whether it s spent with loved ones or pursuing As we get. As we get older, our bodies get better at remembering certain invaders and fighting them off. By the time we near 40, we ve got a Facebook-sized directory of many of the bugs going around Of course, an older person s immune system gets weaker in other ways, and serious illness can result from that.