Tom and jerry games war of whiskers

The hidden weapon in this map is a Hammer. Players can throw each other out of the map and into the lava. Players can fight all around the town. Mouse as well as Fists of Furry.

Nardozzi, Dale (January 26, 2004). Contents Gameplay edit War of the Whiskers is a four player arena fighting game.

The four modes of play are single player, versus, tag team, and team play. Platform(s Microsoft Windows Release date(s 2002 Genre(s Fighting.

Note that no matter who you play as, you will always have the final battle in, frankenmouse. Roper, Chris (November 30, 2002). Retrieved January 28, 2016. The hidden weapon for this map is a black carton of rotten eggs which drain your health The Throwables are: A Chair, A Bar Stool, A Tomato and a Bowl.

Throwing a car engine at full power will set your opponents on fire. It is a follow up to Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry. Scrap Yard Scrape Up: Taking place outside of an old car scrapping facility, The players can throw stuff while avoiding a crane carrying a car that's been turned into cube.

Tom and, jerry in, war of the, whiskers is a game for GameCube, PS2 and Xbox, is the sequel.

If a player is caught under a piledriver, they will get flattened. Another is Versus, where a basic one-on-one fight is held. If a Player is caught in it, they will get electrocuted.

A b "Tom Jerry in War of the Whiskers for GameCube Reviews". It was the only NewKidCo game ever released to receive a T rating. The Weapons are: a Shovel, an Axe, and a Pitchfork Frankenmouse: Taking place in a Lab, The player can fight all around the lab and throwing stuff, but Players have to watch out for the bolts of electricity. Then in a few seconds, the Fridge will shake and the floor will turn to ice, players caught in it will turn into a Block of ice.

Weapons will appear for players to use against each other. It is the sequel to the 3D cartoon fighting video game, tom and, jerry in Fists of Furry for Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows. Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers Playable Characters From Strongest to Weakest: Lion (voiced by Jim Cummings) Monster Jerry (voiced by John DiMaggio) Spike (voiced by Greg Burson) Eagle (voiced by Rob Paulsen) Butch (voiced by Billy. Monster Jerry previously appeared in Dr Jekyll and.

Players have to be careful of the cement, touching it will stun you and make you unable to move. 12 destructible environments include a kitchen, beach, snowy winter, cruise ship, junk yard, unstable construction site, Italian market, haunted house, mad scientist lab, western town, castle, Hell, and a boxing arena. Unlike Fists of Furry, there is now an animation for the characters when they are set on fire. The Hidden Weapon is a Sword which will stun your opponents Snow Fight: Taking place outside of a wooden cabin, players can throw sleds, Toilet paper, and snowballs at each other.