Why you can never go home

That didnt work FOR MY thirteenth birthday party AND IT sure AS hell isnt going TO work here! Sunset cried, her voice raising.

Oh, Sunset, Cadance continued in a soft tone. Well, Sunset just closed herself off in an armoire, Twilight said. Her smile became a bit wider and a lot more faker. Hi, Luna, came Celestias muffled reply.

Im sure its all part of the lesson. A muffled sob came out from the other side. Why should I have even expected you to act any different?!

They shouted in unison. One more thing youve got to learn is when to quit while youre ahead. I trust that huge length of toilet paper about as far as I can throw it with just my hooves.

Sunset pulled her head back and began inhaling as much air as her lungs would hold. Sunset turned and began storming away in the opposite direction.

What does the saying You can never go home again mean?

Spike walked in between the two mares, dragging the unfurled and list of Twilights instructions behind the groups. Dont lie to me to try and make me feel better!

Well that seemed Tidy? Goodness, whyd you ever send your personal scapegoat away? IM ruler OF THE planet'S largest AND most powerful empire AND this discussion IS over!

In that moment, Marcys home became a time rather than a place. But there is also this longing for specific times that make up my home. But now you can only smoke in the street (but not closer than 15 meters from the entrance of metros and railways stations in your own car, and in special smoking rooms (kurilka in Russian). I shouldnt have Sunset interrupted.

Twilight sheepishly raised herself back onto forehooves and trotted over to Cadance, Shining Armor, and the baby. If you have a local comic shop, we hope you'll go on out support. As much as home is a physical location, its wherever.

As unexpected as this meeting was, Sunset was the one in control here. I have Twilights list and everything!

To those of you (like me) for whom home just isnt quite the same anymore, I want you to know that thats totally fine and healthy. Cadances eyes shot open.