I will get better in time

What would you like to drink? I will be happy when this is finished. That will.1.65, please.

1 By the time we reach home, the rain (stop). The car wouldn't start this morning.

I promise I won't smoke again. They won't (they refuse to) accept your offer.

When does life get better?

had have would have. Miss, irene, future, tIME 1, underline the most suitable future form in each sentence.

I just dont like planning my future. If I you, I would apologize to her. Will are are winning could have.

( She refuses. This time tomorrow I'll be sitting in the sun. What's the matter with George?

Ill be miss an important. If I noticed Nick, I would have stopped him. If John were playing tonight, we a better chance of winning.

As I'm sure you will understand, we cannot wait any longer for our order. If I their language, I could understand what they were saying. Is will will be has. 3 What (you with the money you won in the lottery?

If you would leave that door open, what can you expect? Perhaps that will be when I have finally buy a diary. 8 What time (your plane?