Write the correct word in the blank

I think it's (3). This is her / their house. Circle the correct word. From _ place I could watch the people eating _ lunch.

This is your / their pet. P: I need 5 _ TV monitors then. 6) Last year I read a story of / by / from ain.

I like_ new car. The house was built by _great-grandfather. My mother is very loving. We know their / theirs address but they don't know our / ours.

Computer programmer I understand in the computer and just love to play computer. CPU was the first programming language.

I have always dreamt to have a room of_. _ name's Fred These are my sisters.

Write the correct words in the blanks

Write down 4 sentences with any of these words. _ name is Emy. Read the words in transcription.

They invested the money of_ in this project. Use the words from the box.

He took off _ jacket and loosened _ tie. Kate: Does this beach ball belong to us? Fill in the blanks.

Describe any two members of your family. So it's (4) _ really. Tim: Whose CD is that?