China customs information

HS Codes The import duty is not entirely based on the declared value it also varies between different products. The validity of the certificate lasts for 30 days. Yet, its up to you to ensure that the correct HS Code is specified on the Commercial Invoice. However, in other cases, the duty rate makes up a substantial part of the procurement cost.

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After receiving the declaration of a pet dog or pet cat filed by a traveler, customs should inspect the certificate of quarantine and certificate of rabies vaccination issued by an official of the exporting country (or region). Here are a few examples of duty rates applied to goods imported from China to Australia: Wristwatches: 0 Tablet PC: 0 Solar Panels: 0 T-Shirts: 10 Electric Bikes: 5 LED Bulb Lights: 5 Peanuts: 5 China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (Chafta). Thus, your Spanish and German customers wont need to pay customs on products that have already entered EU territory.

As such, shipping costs are not included in the customs value, resulting in lower import duty. Sometimes the Anti-Dumping Duties target entire industries, sometimes they target individual manufacturers. However, this is no longer the case and GST applies to all imports, regardless of value. By not assuming that they will declare the correct value, to begin with.

The Customs authorities can also access records, which ensures that importers cannot deliberately declare a large number of shipments below the customs threshold, in order to avoid paying import duties. Just make sure you have sufficient documentation to prove that the goods are actually replacements or repaired units.

While this is not a tax, its still a cost you cannot avoid when buying from China. Click here to read more about Incoterms when importing from China. In a scenario where you ship products to China, for repair, or if the supplier sends replacements for defective units to your country you shall generally not need to pay import duties twice.

Exemptions: If the applicable taxes are less than RMB50. How to pay import duties and other taxes There are various ways to pay the import duties and related taxes when importing from China. The changes are summarized below: The tax free (tax duty tax VAT) value limit of RMB400 declared value CIF (Commercial Value Insurance Freight charge) was removed.