Passive voice the simple present

B) The house is built of stone The children are not allowed to ride a motor-bike. Passive Voice Intermediate Exercises. Are trees planted in summer or in autumn? (are known all over the world) Why is the green colour a symbol of Northern Ireland?

Look at the pictures and say what is done. Pancakes are being made in the kitchen.

Flowers are left at the door every day. Are you often given money by your parents? Is your friend also given good marks?

But my jackets are not made by my mother. The letter is written by pen.

Present simple passive, past simple passive, future simple passive

A) BMW cars are made in Germany. What When Where Why By whom How the windows this box tea envelopes your homework rare animals these houses milk dinner to check up? His stamps are shown to me by him each time when I come to his place. Easy exercises on, present, simple, passive.

Does the police officer catch the thief? By whom are new rules explained at the lesson? We give milk to our cat every day.

All of them are anonymous. New planets are discovered every day. The flowers are not watered.

Respond to the situations with a negative sentence using the words and word combinations in brackets. Is tea brought from India?

Did you have problems with the task? Does he play tennis every evening? The pupils use the school library. We always write new words into our exercise books.

The statue is made by a famous sculptor, isnt it? (celebrated / is celebrated) every year. The T-shirt I bought yesterday is made of cotton. He resembles my uncle.