Word list with meaning of

Gradually or secretly) Parents should take care not to constantly undermine their children. With these, you can either make a smaller deck of paper flashcards or opt for digital flashcards. Something made; not occurring naturally Many candies use artificial flavors to make them taste fruity.

Take something apart purposely break into pieces He took the car brakes apart and found the problem. Highly detailed and decorated That ornate silverware must be worth thousands of dollars! Aiming for a high SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score? Able to be compared This novel is comparable to Huckleberry Finn.

Very plain; devoid of any details or features Looking out at the stark landscape, I felt a keen sense of isolation. Show off act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully) He always shows off on his skateboard sleep over stay somewhere for the night (informal) You should sleep over tonight if the weather is too bad to drive home.

This is the, list of words having different meanings in British and American English: A-L.

Truthful or easy to perceive Stained window glass isnt as transparent as regular window glass. Hang in stay positive (informal) Hang in there. 1 (Excluding the 2 letters like and NGng Character Frequency.25 (1/4).77 (105/900).51 (115/1000).89 (126/1000).6 (178/1000).87 (205/1000).27.19.77.

To (over)use over time (usu. Take something off remove something (usually clothing) Take off your socks and shoes and come in the lake! This ensures you know all the words in your deck and arent glossing over any difficult ones. Check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport We will get the hotel keys when we check.

To weaken or subvert (usu. Cut something down make something fall to the ground We had to cut the old tree in our yard down after the storm.

To withstand, sustain, or hold out against I cant endure this wait any longer. Mix something up confuse two or more things I mixed up the twins' names again! Use something up finish the supply The kids used all of the toothpaste up so we need to buy some more.

Hang on wait a short time (informal) Hang on while I grab my coat and shoes! Top French words from subtitles based on www. Cranky, pouty, irritable Petulant children are especially difficult to care for. You arent my bossyou cant subordinate me to the role of receptionist!